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High Value Home Insurance

High-value homes, valued at $1M or more, require unique coverage solutions beyond standard homeowners’ insurance. Yet according to Insurance Journal, an astounding 40 percent of these properties are underinsured. If you own a high-value home, KSA Gold is the ideal high value home insurance solution, offering unique coverage options designed specifically to meet your needs. Learn more below, and request a consultation with one of our experienced insurance agents today.

Your Unique Needs

If you’ve done some research into home insurance plans already, you may have been disappointed with the options you discovered. Unfortunately, most mass-market coverage options simply don’t offer the coverage necessary for high-value homes.

If your home has many customizations or if you have other valuable assets that need to be protected, a policy that is tailored to your exact needs will provide the most value. Additionally, working with a knowledgeable advisor you can trust can help you to ensure you still have appropriate coverage when you upgrade your home, move into a new home, or purchase a second home.

Why Choose KSA?

At KSA Insurance, we specialize in high-value home insurance. We understand that the needs of high-worth individuals extend beyond the usual structure and content coverage expected from a traditional policy. Here’s what sets us apart:


Service Areas

While we were founded in Charleston, SC, we are currently licensed in these states but are continually expanding. Please reach out if you are interested but not in one of our currently licensed states.

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