International Student Health Insurance

Students living abroad often have difficulties finding comprehensive health coverage that meets their health and financial needs. Cigna Global international health insurance policies make it easy for students to find flexible health insurance plans they can tailor to their unique needs.

Cigna Global health insurance policies are available in three levels of coverage and can be customized with optional modules. You can also adjust your deductible and cost-share options to ensure your plan meets your financial needs.

Here’s everything you need to know about international student health insurance


Cigna Global International Health Insurance Plan Benefits

Cigna international health insurance plans are great for students living abroad and looking for high-quality, flexible health coverage.

While there are three plan tiers available (Silver, Gold, and Platinum), all plans offer the same core benefits, including:

  • Cigna network: Access to Cigna’s global network of over 1.65 million trusted hospitals, clinics, and doctors.
  • Plan flexibility: Members can customize their plans as needed with optional modules to ensure their plans meet their coverage needs and their budgets.
  • Customer care: Members have 24-hour access to Cigna’s multilingual Customer Care team.
  • Deductible options: Members can choose their deductibles and cost-share options to adjust their plan costs as needed.
  • Online customer portal: Members can use the secure online customer portal to manage their plan documents and find important plan information.
  • Telehealth services: Cigna’s global telehealth services make it easy for members to consult with their primary care provider from their phone or computer.

With Cigna Global international student health insurance, students have access to a variety of benefits that are designed to maximize their care quality.

Digital Tools for Students

Students live busy lives, making it important for them to have access to digital tools that help them manage their plans and get care as quickly as possible.

With Cigna Global health insurance, students get access to useful digital tools, including:

  • Cigna Wellbeing App: Get access to healthcare tools designed to help you manage your plan and get access to Global Telehealth services.
  • Safe Travel by Cigna App: Gold and Platinum members get access to this app, which lets users access global travel advice, real-time alerts, news on breaking incidents, and an online document storage facility.
  • Online Community: Members may be invited to join Cigna’s exclusive Online Community to talk about things that matter to them.

These digital tools help students get the most out of their international health plans.

How Much Does International Health Insurance Cost

The cost of Cigna Global international student health insurance plans can vary significantly depending on several factors, including:

  • Age
  • Citizenship
  • Plan tier
  • Area of coverage
  • Deductibles
  • Cost-share options
  • Optional modules
  • Where you are living/studying

For most members, plan costs range from $4,000 to $6,000 per year, and plans start at as little as $100 per month.

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