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King Street Agency Gold is the ideal high-value home insurance solution to protect your investment.

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High-value homes, often categorized as having a replacement cost in excess of $750,000, require unique coverage solutions beyond standard homeowners insurance. Unfortunately, according to Insurance Journal, an astounding 40 percent of these properties are underinsured. That percentage is likely even worse here in South Carolina, where historic and coastal properties offer even more complexity. If you own a high-value home, King Street Agency Gold is the ideal insurance solution for selecting a coverage package that will protect your investment.

Why? Because we specialize in high-value home insurance, and we understand that the needs of high-worth individuals extend beyond the usual structure and content coverage expected from a traditional policy. Here’s what sets us apart:

1. Access to Markets

When it comes to protecting a high-value home, not all insurance companies and insurance products are the same. King Street Agency is an independent agency, which means we have access to multiple insurance carriers and aren’t restricted in the advice we give clients and the products we suggest.

We aren’t captive agents, who are limited in what they can offer clients. Since they are confined to only their own company’s products (and their advice is dictated by this restraint), the policies they recommend are, simply put, biased. State Farm, Geico and Allstate are just a few of the marketplace’s captive insurance companies.

Our goal is to find a policy that fits your needs. Before we begin to offer coverage solutions, King Street Agency Gold evaluates your home’s location, occupancy, and characteristics to create a personalized, comprehensive high-value homeowners policy.

We understand your needs extend beyond the typical structure and personal property coverage found in a traditional policy, which is why we offer the following:

  • Excess liability and umbrella liability coverage
  • Liability insurance to cover domestic help
  • Flood insurance
  • Excess flood insurance
  • Identity theft insurance
  • Kidnap and ransom insurance
  • Coverage for vacation homes
  • Building code coverage

2. Local Experts

It is important to work with a local, independent agency formed by regional expertise. As a Low Country business, our agents are well established in the community and are connected to many local builders, architects, and developers. We understand the true costs associated with rebuilding, remodeling and making repairs to high-value homes in South Carolina. We’ve worked with homeowners following catastrophic events, such as hurricanes, and we know building costs will often increase significantly due to demand surge.

Our agents use their relationships and knowledge to create policies that will save money and maximize your coverage while eliminating wasteful, unneeded options. Unlike direct writers who quote policies based on national averages and databases, we work on a local and regional level to secure highly competitive rates because we know the Low Country on a personal level.

night3. Personal Service

At King Street Agency Gold, our process is collaborative and our agents are your advocates. There is no one-sizefits- all option when it comes to high-value home insurance, which is why we tailor your policy to meet your unique needs. This flexibility maximizes the effectiveness of your policies, and we are always available for any questions or concerns you might have.

If you own a high-value home and want to learn more about our policy options, King Street Agency can determine the most appropriate coverage for the best rate.

We love living and working here in South Carolina–which is why we want to make sure your investment is safe. You can spend less time worrying about insurance, and more time enjoying everything the Low Country has to offer KingStreetAgency.

“By verifying wind mitigation credits, tracking down all possible discounts, and consulting on ways to reduce flood insurance premiums, we are able to offer the most competitive rates available.”

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