Condo Insurance

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Condo Insurance

In addition to representing a smart investment, your Charleston, SC condominium supports a lifestyle of convenience that makes sense in your busy life. Your condominium association likely takes care of all of the exterior maintenance for you, so you don’t have to worry—no more lawn care, no roof repair, no gutter cleaning or shoveling the walkways. Sound great. But you need to be aware that even though you may not have to worry about what’s going on outside of your unit, your condo association’s policy may not protect the interior of your condominium or your personal property. King Street Agency is here to help.

Personal Condo Insurance vs. Condo Association Insurance

Our Charleston, SC condominium insurance policies offer coverage for your personal property and parts of the unit that are not often covered by condo association policies. The insurance you receive through your condo association is likely limited only to primary property insurance, which covers items within your unit excluding your personal property. Other condo association polices may provide coverage for your unit, the building and any improvements you have made to the unit, but this coverage is hardly comprehensive and you could remain exposed to damages and loss.

A condominium insurance policy through King Street Agency can cover the cost of replacing your personal effects in addition to protecting against perils such as fire and theft. Our condominium insurance policies also cover your interior walls and fixtures inside the unit, such as cabinetry, and liability insurance is included in all of our condo policies. Your liability coverage protects against injury or property damage caused to others by you or a member of your household. It also covers medical expenses for injuries experienced by somebody who does not live with you but who might have been injured on your property.

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