Coastal Property Insurance

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Coastal Property Insurance

Coastal property insurance is essential coverage in Charleston, SC and the surrounding area. Whether it’s your vacation property, investment property or your primary residence, your coastal property comes with unique features and risks that require adequate protection.

Having close proximity to water has many advantages, but it comes with many risks as well. Increased exposure to the elements means that your property will require more maintenance than an inland home, which can potentially impact your premiums. Coastal storms and flooding are also a concern.

Many insurance companies differ on the definition of a coastal property as well, meaning that even if your home is a couple of miles away from the water, they might term it as coastal, leading to higher premiums and deductibles. King Street Agency works with many different insurance companies in order to deliver the best combination of coverage and price for your coastal property insurance.

Due to the prevalence of extreme weather and the increasing frequency of coastal storms, insurers have become more conservative and premiums have gone up considerably. Our agents will work closely with you to present all of the options available to you. We will help you determine the right coverage for your needs at the best price possible, ensuring that you have adequate protection for your coastal property.

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