We provide an array of different lines of insurance to meet all your personal and business insurance needs.

Personal Insurance

King Street Agency Personal Insurance Policies

King Street Agency offers a wide variety of personal insurance solutions designed to protect you and your family against uninsured losses. Personal insurance covers many subcategories, including coverage for you, your family, your home and property, vehicles, recreational vehicles, personal liability and much more.

The Value Of Personal Insurance

It is virtually impossible to predict the future. We never anticipate the unthinkable. But if an unexpected event happens, the right coverage can provide security and support when it really counts.

Astonishingly, personal insurance is often overlooked, even though most people know that the future comes with few guarantees. We should all be acutely aware of the possibilities so that we can prepare for the worst. If a catastrophe comes to pass, how will you provide for your family or protect your assets?

Personal insurance can protect you and your family from catastrophic events,  trauma and more, ensuring that everything you worked so hard to establish is safe, secure and protected no matter what. If you are unsure about what kind of personal insurance coverage is right for you, simply talk with your King Street Agency insurance specialist today. We are well qualified to advise on personal insurance products that make sense for you and your lifestyle and can help ensure that you have enough coverage to protect your assets no matter what life’s twists and turns send your way.

At King Street Agency, we care about your future. If you are thinking about securing personal insurance for yourself, your family, your home or belongings, we can walk you through every step, helping to simplify what might otherwise seem like a complicated process.

Contact us today to speak to one of our agents, or request a quote to find out how easy it is to get the personal insurance coverage you need.