Workers' Compensation Insurance

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Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Providing wage replacement as well as medical benefits to those who have been injured or become ill on the job, worker’s compensation insurance is mandatory for any business who has employees. No matter what the cause of the injury or illness, worker’s compensation provides protection for both the employer and the employee. It also provides coverage for medical and therapeutic services that will help the worker recover from their injury and return to work.

While the most effective way to reduce your risk is to prevent accidents from happening, sometimes you will have to face a workplace injury head on. If that ever happens, having the protection of a comprehensive worker’s compensation policy provides can provide peace of mind.

Every moment of productivity lost due to a workplace injury has a direct impact on your bottom line. Having the right worker’s compensation insurance coverage will help you resolve any potential claims quickly and help you maintain business continuity no matter what happens. King Street Agency can provide you with the guidance you need to design a proactive risk-control solution, while your worker’s compensation policy can give you the support you need in case of an accident.

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