Judicial Bonds

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Judicial Bonds

Judicial proceedings bonds are sureties posted to a lawsuit to protect a party from any loss that may arise due to a delay or deprivation caused by legal proceedings. In general, judicial bonds provide support in cases where there is some level of uncertainty of the outcome. The bond may also support a remedy in advance of a court decision—i.e., in the case of a property dispute, when the defendant would be allowed to stay on the property until the outcome of the case is decided.

Judicial Bond Types

  • Admiralty Bonds
  • Appeal Bonds
  • Appeal Supersedeas Bonds
  • Attachment Bonds
  • Counter Replevin Bonds
  • Defendant Bonds
  • Plaintiff Bonds
  • Injunction Bonds
  • Replevin Bonds
  • Discharge of Lien Bonds
  • Release of Attachment Bonds

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