Cyber Insurance for Technology Companies

Cyber Insurance for Technology Companies

For technology companies, cyber risks greatly threaten intellectual property, client data, critical systems, and the bottom line. As breaches grow more common, securing cyber insurance is no longer an option — it’s a necessity.

At KSA Insurance, we don’t just sell policies. We partner with Coalition to help tech businesses build a strategic defense against complex and evolving cyber threats. Get in touch today to protect your company with customized coverage.

Tailor-Made Cyber Protection

Every tech company faces distinct threats requiring specialized security. Generic, one-size-fits-all cyber insurance doesn’t cut it.

Our experts take time to thoroughly assess your firm’s risk exposure, security gaps, compliance needs, and more. We use these insights to build customized coverage protecting what matters most — whether that’s safeguarding customer data, preserving business continuity, or defending intellectual property.

Built right, your cyber policy strengthens resilience while easing the sting of digital threats.

Security That Helps You Rebound and Thrive

Eventually, most growing tech companies experience a cyber incident. With protection in place, you can focus on recovering quickly instead of struggling to fund response costs, including:


  • Forensic investigations to determine breach cause and scope
  • Legal counsel to assess compliance implications
  • Notification services and support for impacted customers
  • Public relations to help restore your reputation
  • Business interruption coverage to replace lost revenue


Getting back to growth and innovation faster — that’s the KSA difference. Let’s talk about protecting your next chapter.

Cyber Insurance for Technology Companies

We Cover What Matters Most

Every tech firm has unique risks, which is why we offer customizable protection against:

  • Data breaches resulting from hacking, malware, or insider threats
  • System failures that disrupt the delivery of your services or products
  • IP theft of sensitive trademarks, designs, or proprietary code
  • Online fraud, like phishing scams, impacts your business
  • Cyber extortion demands that could profoundly impact operations
  • Tech errors leading to third-party liabilities

We cover what matters so you can focus on fueling innovation that moves the world forward.

Compliance Without Compromise

For professional IT firms, compliance is serious business. We get it. Our tailored coverage helps you:

  • Pass security audits
  • Meet contractual obligations around security controls and protocols
  • Align with regulations like GDPR and evolving privacy laws
  • Avoid steep PCI fines with breach response coverage
  • Prepare for litigation with comprehensive liability protection

Strong coverage means you can operate with confidence instead of restriction.


Our partner Coalition offers a free cyber risk assessment, providing an overview of your risks and vulnerabilities. In addition to highlighting your vulnerabilities, the assessment includes a summary of recommended actions to help you mitigate your risk. Coalition also offers access to trained cybersecurity experts who can answer any questions you may have about the assessment or the recommendations you are provided.

Free Cyber Risk Assessment

Partner With KSA For Cyber Insurance

KSA Insurance has the knowledge, experience, and industry connections necessary to help safeguard your technology company against cyber threats. We provide cyber protection rooted in years of risk management expertise combined with a deep understanding of the threats impacting tech firms today.

Get in touch with our cybersecurity team today to safeguard the future of your company.

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