Cyber Insurance for Education

Cyber Insurance for Education

For educational institutions, cyber risks threaten sensitive student records, critical operations, and financial stability. Hacking, malware, and breaches can disrupt learning and lead to major expenses. With robust cyber insurance tailored for education, schools and universities can be prepared.

At KSA Insurance, we partner with Coalition to provide affordable and comprehensive cyber insurance that protects educational institutions against modern cyber threats.

What is Cyber Insurance?

Cyber insurance covers losses and costs stemming from cyber incidents like hacking, malware, ransomware attacks, and data breaches. It provides financial support before, during, and after an event to enable swift response and complete recovery.

Why Schools Need Cyber Insurance

Educational institutions face immense cyber risks. Student records contain highly sensitive data targeted by hackers. Schools also rely on connected systems vulnerable to disruption. 

The costs of dealing with an attack can quickly spiral out of control without insurance, including:

  • Forensic investigations to determine breach cause and scope
  • Legal services to navigate compliance obligations
  • Notifications and support for affected students and families
  • Public relations to manage reputation damage
  • Business interruption losses from systems disruptions
  • Fines and penalties for failing regulations
  • Lawsuits and liability claims

Cyber insurance ensures educational institutions are equipped to deal with the aftermath of cyber events and breaches in a compliant and financially sound manner.

Cyber Insurance for Education

Cyber Insurance Coverage for Educational Institutions

Cyber insurance provides broad coverage to protect educational institutions, their faculty, and their students against cyberattacks.

This coverage typically includes:

  • Incident response: IT forensics, legal counsel, notification services
  • Student support: Credit monitoring and identity restoration
  • Business interruption: Income loss due to systems outages
  • PR crisis management: Services to address reputation damage
  • Regulatory fines: Penalties for failing compliance standards
  • Liability defense: Lawsuits and settlement costs

With strong coverage, educational institutions can focus on learning, not astronomical breach bills.

FERPA Compliance Cyber Insurance

For schools, cyber insurance is critical for managing risks associated with FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act). FERPA violations can lead to loss of federal funding. Cyber insurance helps cover:

  • Investigations to determine the root cause of breach and noncompliance
  • Required notifications and correspondence related to violations
  • Credit monitoring and support for affected students
  • PR and communications strategies related to incidents
  • Defense of legal claims and regulatory actions

This provides schools with financial protection in the event of a costly FERPA penalty resulting from a cyber incident.

Student Data Breaches Cyber Insurance

Despite best efforts, student data breaches occur. When they do, a swift response is essential. Cyber insurance covers:

  • Forensic analysis to determine breach scope and root cause
  • Notification services and call center support for affected families
  • Credit checks and monitoring for impacted students
  • PR services to mitigate reputation damage
  • Legal defense of related lawsuits and claims

With coverage, schools can focus on helping students instead of struggling to fund breach response.


Our partner Coalition offers a free cyber risk assessment, providing an overview of your risks and vulnerabilities. In addition to highlighting your vulnerabilities, the assessment includes a summary of recommended actions to help you mitigate your risk. Coalition also offers access to trained cybersecurity experts who can answer any questions you may have about the assessment or the recommendations you are provided.

Free Cyber Risk Assessment

Partner with KSA for Cyber Insurance

At KSA Insurance, our cyber experts provide customized and affordable cyber insurance for educational institutions. Contact us today to request a quote and learn more about cyber insurance.

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