Cyber Insurance for Accountants

Cyber Insurance for Accountants

Modern accounting firms handle mountains of privileged client data central to strategic decisions and compliance. But breaches don’t need to spur catastrophe. With comprehensive cyber insurance tailored to accounting, firms can serve clients vigorously without fear of digital disruptions.


At KSA Insurance, our partnership with Coalition lets us provide policies that protect your accounting business and your clients. Our suite of accounting-specific offerings prevents problems while ensuring firms can fearlessly steward sensitive information.

Why Accounting Firms Need Specialized Protection

Cyberattacks are a serious threat that can put the stability of your accounting practice in jeopardy. The tremendous volumes of sensitive client information stored on systems make accounting firms irresistible targets.

From recovering client data to legal settlements, the damages that arise from a data breach can add up quickly. Without comprehensive cyber insurance, data breaches can result in millions of dollars worth of expenses.

Tailored Coverage For Accountants

Our experienced team works closely with accounting firms to understand their:

  • Service offerings by department and practice area
  • Volumes of data, including sensitive documents and assets
  • Third-party ecosystems, such as embedded tools and software
  • Compliance landscape with evolving regulatory obligations
  • Maturity of security controls and posture

These insights allow us to tailor policies specifically addressing the distinct threats confronting modern accounting practices.

Cyber Insurance for Accountants

What We Cover

Through our partnership with Coalition, we offer policies that provide coverage against:

  • Data breaches exposing sensitive client info
  • Ransomware attacks crippling systems
  • Wire fraud stemming from email compromise
  • Insider threats jeopardizing confidential financial data
  • Cloud disruptions hampering operations
  • Tech errors leading to third-party harm
  • Crises threatening reputation

Firms gain assurance knowing they can promptly recover when cyber incidents occur.

Scalable Coverage

We offer personalized, scalable policies based on your firm’s size and needs:

  • Solo Practices: Entry-level, affordable coverage
  • Small practices: Modular solutions as clients grow
  • Large partnerships: Enterprise-grade protection

Regardless of size, we build solutions catered to distinct risks.

Navigate Evolving Regulations

Thanks to expanding regulations around financial data, compliance is serious business. Our suite helps:

  • Identify gaps through audits
  • Resolve issues with guidance resources
  • Defend against enforcement litigation

We help firms confidently navigate regulations so that they can focus on providing exceptional service to their clients.


Our partner Coalition offers a free cyber risk assessment, providing an overview of your risks and vulnerabilities. In addition to highlighting your vulnerabilities, the assessment includes a summary of recommended actions to help you mitigate your risk. Coalition also offers access to trained cybersecurity experts who can answer any questions you may have about the assessment or the recommendations you are provided.

Free Cyber Risk Assessment

Protect Your Practice & Clients With KSA

At KSA Insurance, our team leverages their expertise and experience to build personalized policies that meet your accounting firm’s and your clients’ needs. We are dedicated to helping accountants steer confidently into the future with cyber insurance solutions tailored to their unique circumstances.

Connect with KSA Insurance today to learn more about how our comprehensive cyber insurance policies can safeguard your accounting business.

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