Commercial Property Insurance

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Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance offers coverage for the physical assets of your business, including buildings and their contents, goods in transit, warehoused inventory and manufacturing equipment. Commercial property insurance can also provide protection for service interruption in the event of a covered loss, whether a minor bump in the road or a major loss. Additionally, whether your assets are leased or owned, or whether or not your business operates from your home, there are policies available to protect your property.

Commercial property insurance is generally categorized according to the specific incident that may lead to a loss of business and what specifically is insured, including:

  • Storm damage to the facade or signage of the building
  • Loss of documents due to a burst pipe
  • Damage to your building’s contents due to fire

Protecting important aspects of your business and its assets in the event of a disaster, your commercial property insurance coverage can provide protection for:

  • Your place of business
  • Your outdoor signage
  • Your furnishings
  • Equipment
  • Inventory
  • Exterior areas including landscaping and fencing
  • Adjacent property
  • The property of others damaged during the covered event

Costly events such as storms or fires have the potential to shut down your business for extended periods of time. Protecting your assets with the right insurance coverage just makes good business sense. It is an investment against events over which you may have no control. A comprehensive property insurance policy can provide the funds you need to rebuild and get back to work quickly.

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