Commercial Flood Insurance

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Commercial Flood Insurance

Commercial flood insurance protects your business from damages caused by floodwater, providing coverage for your building and the assets housed within it. Commercial flood insurance is an easy and affordable coverage that offers protection from floodwater damage sustained by:

  • Walls, ceilings and floors
  • Equipment
  • Fixtures
  • Furniture
  • Inventory
  • Business property

Your commercial property insurance may not provide coverage for flood damage. If that is the case, adding commercial flood insurance to your policy is just smart business. Flooding can happen even in areas that are not prone to floodwaters, due to:

  • Fast melting snow causing spring runoff
  • Excessive or sudden heavy rainfall
  • Storm surges from hurricanes
  • Leaky or broken pipes in your office building
  • Clogged drains causing overflow into your place of business

Water can cause an enormous amount of damage to your property and your assets. Depending on the extent of damage, returning the areas and items to their original condition can in some cases be impossible. When a flood happens, you want to ensure you have the best possible protection.

There is a thirty-day waiting period for flood insurance that begins on the day of purchase, so why wait? Call today to speak with one of our experienced agents, or request a commercial flood insurance quote.