Restaurant & Bar Insurance

If you need restaurant or bar insurance in South Carolina, King Street Agency has the perfect policy for your business. Request a quote today!

Bar & Restaurant Insurance – Charleston, SC

Whether you run a small mom and pop diner or a Michelin star restaurant, one thing is certain. You want to keep your doors open. Make sure your business is protected so you can keep serving your loyal customers day after day. If the unexpected occurs, bar and restaurant insurance can help.

King Street Agency in Charleston, SC offers a range of insurance options to help owners protect themselves and their workers from risks. Our local agents have deep experience helping businesses like yours with a thorough understanding of the market. Give us a call today for more information or to request a quote.

Services To Help Reduce Risk

In addition to restaurant and bar insurance policies, King Street Agency can provide services to help you reduce risks. We understand that liquor liability and other lines of insurance can be a major business expense. The following services can help to mitigate some of these costs:

  • Safety Manuals
  • OSHA Violation Statistics
  • Pre-Inspection Tips
  • Labor Laws
  • Safety Checklists & Posters

Our agents have deep experience working with bar and restaurant owners. We can help you find ways to reduce your exposure to risk. For peace of mind, we can also provide a full range of insurance policies to help keep you protected. We have a comprehensive network of providers and can offer competitive rates.

Bar & Restaurant Coverages

Charleston, SC bars and restaurants are exposed to many risks. While you may take great care to ensure that everything is running smoothly, the unthinkable can happen. Here are some common risks that local restaurant and bar owners face as well as some coverages that can help in the event of an incident:

  • A restaurant owner’s worst nightmare, a grease fire can spring up an instant and quickly spread out of control. Restaurant property insurance can help.
  • Food Poisoning. Of course, you always check to ensure that meats are served at proper temperatures and that all food items are fresh. But something may slip under the radar. Get protected with restaurant liability insurance.
  • Employee Injury. Burns and other injuries are common in the restaurant industry. Workers’ Compensation Insurance provides coverage for medical costs and other expenses in the event of an employee injury.
  • Intoxicated Patrons. Guests can get out of control when alcohol is involved, especially at bars and nightclubs. For damages and injuries resulting from the selling or serving of alcoholic beverages, liquor liability insurance can help.

Restaurants face many other risks, such as crime, equipment breakdown, automotive incidents and more. King Street Agency offers restaurant insurance coverage options to help with many of these risks. Get in touch with our knowledgeable agents today.