We provide an array of different lines of insurance to meet all your personal and business insurance needs.

Commercial Insurance

King Street Agency Commercial Insurance Policies

King Street Agency offers a wide variety of commercial insurance solutions designed to protect your Charleston, SC business against potential uninsured losses. Commercial insurance is right for product manufacturers, service providers, small business owners and anybody who runs a home-based business.

Commercial insurance protects your business from a range of risks, and depending on what kind of business you are in, there are several types of coverages to consider, providing protection from employee injuries, building damage, malpractice and more.

While some coverage is mandated by law, there are several options that a business owner should consider, including:

  • General liability: covers issues that arise as a result of claims due to injury and negligence
  • Product liability: protects against malpractice, errors and omissions
  • Professional liability: similar to product liability but pertains to business practices
  • Commercial property insurance: covers anything related to the loss or damage of business property, such as claims due to smoke, fire, storms and more
  • Home-based business insurance: provides additional coverage on top of homeowner’s policies, covering professional risks and liability
  • Worker’s compensation: covers workers who are unable to work due to an injury on the job
  • Employee benefits insurance: providing a benefits package to your employees helps to attract and retain talent

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