FEMA Flood Insurance Maps Updated For Berkeley County

Posted: January 23, 2019

The Carolinas are no stranger to severe weather, especially in recent years. The fact is, anywhere that has a sub-tropical climate is bound to get a lot of rain or be vulnerable to hurricanes, either of which can lead to flooding. Floods can cause thousands of dollars in damage and serious problems for your home or business. With a new update from FEMA coming into effect in the last month of 2018, its important to know that the flood insurance maps for Berkeley County have been changed.

Learn how these changes may affect those who live in the vicinity and how flood insurance can save you from serious stress and unwanted expenses.

What You Should Know About Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is designed to protect your finances against damage in the event of a costly flood. Water damage can really wreak havoc on the property you own, potentially resulting in thousands of dollars in damage and interruptions in business operations. While not everyone in the country needs flood insurance, those who own property in areas that are known to pose a flood risk are strongly recommended, or in some cases required, to purchase it.

Who Updated the Flood Insurance Map for Berkeley County?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, more commonly known as FEMA, is the organization who has updated the maps for Berkeley County. FEMA is the government organization that responds to all types of disaster relief, including floods, and makes the necessary changes to ensure that insurance is calculated fairly for local citizens. For example, those on the map who are now in a key flooding area or not, may have the value of their flood insurance altered based on that data.

How Might The Map Updates Affect You?

If you’re a citizen of Berkeley County, it’s strongly recommended that you examine the map changes, as they may affect you in the following ways:

You May Now Be Required to Buy Flood Insurance

FEMA’s changes take into consideration where the flood plains have developed along with which areas are at the highest risk. For homeowners who weren’t formerly in a flood plain but are now in one due to these changes, you may be required to purchase flood insurance. To find out, simply view the areas that have been updated and see if your residence was among them—or reach out to an experienced insurance agent for assistance.

Rates May Increase for Homeowners Whose Flood Elevation Has Risen

When determining the cost of flood insurance, it makes a difference where the homeowner is located and how prevalent flooding is in that area. Homes within areas that have shown higher elevations of flooding are likely to see increases in their rates of insurance. Nonetheless, the need for insurance is great in these areas, and may even be mandatory.

Some Homeowners May See Decreased Rates and Requirements for Flood Insurance

Just as some areas have been marked with a greater threat for flooding, other areas may be at a reduced threat due to the recent updates from FEMA. It’s not all bad news for homeowners in Berkeley County, as some homeowners will see decreases in their insurance rates and may not be required to own flood insurance any longer.

Where Can You Find The Updates From FEMA?

Since these updates are backed by federal and local governments, they apply to all homeowners in the area starting on the specified dates. Additionally, these changes can have a significant effect on the cost of your flood insurance, so it’s crucial to understand how they pertain to your property.

For anyone who owns property near the area in question, it’s vital that you take a minute to browse these changes and see if and how they may affect you. To view a printable explanation of the updates from FEMA, click here. A knowledgeable insurance agent from King Street Agency will also be happy to discuss the changes with you and what they mean for your insurance needs. Contact us today for more information.

Get the Coverage You Need

Our team at King Street Agency understands that the needs of every client are different. While flood insurance would be recommended for most property owners in the Carolinas, we offer many types of personal and business insurance to ensure that you’re covered where you need it most. Whether it’s flood insurance or business interruption insurance, trust us to guide you in the right direction. Find out more by contacting our team in Charleston, South Carolina today.