Hurricane Insurance Coverage, Preparation & Filing A Claim

Posted: October 02, 2018

As a tropical climate in a coastal region, the Carolinas are often in the path of major hurricanes. If hurricane Matthew in 2016 and hurricane Florence of this year are any indication, it’s best to be prepared if you’re a home or business owner in Charleston, SC or anywhere in the Carolinas. Learn more about hurricane insurance coverage, hurricane prep for insurance purposes, and how to file a claim.

The Impact Of Hurricanes On Your Home & Business

Did you know that 25% of businesses that close after a disaster never reopen? That bleak statistic is a testament to the damage that major hurricanes can cause to the properties we own. From homes to office buildings and other structures, hurricanes can cause thousands of dollars of damage that can be difficult or impossible to recover from. There is no doubt that hurricane insurance coverage can give you the financial peace of mind in the event of a storm.

What Types Of Coverage Do You Need?

Hurricanes can be absolutely devastating. From the loss of power and business operation to flooding and destructive winds, there are a lot of bad things that can happen, especially if you’re unprepared. Here are some of the most important types of hurricane insurance coverage that can help to protect you financially in the event of a hurricane.

Commercial Flood Insurance

Flooding is a major threat that takes place during a hurricane. A flood can destroy the equipment, furniture, and even the structures that you rely on in your business. This can create an unsafe environment for employees while also setting back your ability to run your business. Flood insurance can ensure that your losses are reimbursed in the event of a major hurricane. It’s important to note that most policies do not include flood damage, so it is necessary to purchase this as a separate policy.

Business Interruption Insurance

During Hurricane Florence of 2018, over one million people had to evacuate their homes and businesses. Whether your business is a restaurant, supply warehouse or corporate office space, it’s easy to see how a hurricane can grind operations to a halt. Fortunately, business interruption insurance can keep your cash flowing even in the event of a major disaster. This means that you won’t lose everything due to being away from your business for weeks at a time during a hurricane and its aftermath.

Residential Flood Insurance

Homeowners in the Carolinas have made a major investment, but a hurricane could put it at risk. Both coastal and inland flooding resulting from major storms can cause thousands of dollars in damage, ruining floors, carpets, walls, and causing long-lasting problems in your home. As an area prone to tropical storms and hurricanes, one of the most highly-recommended types of insurance coverage for homeowners in the Carolinas is personal flood insurance. Hurricanes have proven to be a real threat in Charleston, SC and the entire east coast. Make sure your investment in your home is protected.

Commercial & Residential Property Insurance

Is your home or business surrounded by trees or other objects that could cause severe damage to it in a hurricane? Although flooding causes a lot of the damage in these storms, powerful winds can also blow debris into your property, resulting in tremendous financial expenses. Getting your home or business in livable conditions again can require expensive repairs. Commercial or residential property insurance can make it much easier to get up and running after a hurricane.

Hurricane Insurance Preparation Tips

Now that you know some of the most common types of hurricane insurance coverages, here are some helpful tips on how to ensure you’re prepared for a storm from an insurance perspective:

  • Be sure to document all of the belongings in your home. Including photos and videos can be a great way to clearly show all of your belongings.
  • As a business, be sure to note all of the equipment and important documents to be covered.
  • Businesses should identify critical business activities and the resources needed to support them. If you can’t afford to shut down your operations, even temporarily, determine what you would need to run the business at another location.
  • Review your insurance plan. Ensure you have the right policies and levels of coverage for your needs. Don’t leave any gaps in your home or business coverage. Speaking with an experienced agent can help.

Your Property Is Too Important To Leave Unprotected

Any location has natural risks associated with it. In the Carolinas, hurricanes are a reality that homeowners have to prepare for. With a combination of hurricane insurance coverages, King Street Agency can help you prepare for hurricane season the right way. With the right policies, you can rest assured that you will be protected financially and have what it takes to recover from the next big storm.

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