Hurricane Matthew: Why Charleston Coastal Insurance is Essential

Posted: October 19, 2016

Hurricane Matthew hit the southeastern part of the United States in early October. The storm was over 250 miles wide and had winds up to 160 mph, reaching category 5 status at its strongest point. This devastating hurricane caused roughly 10 billion dollars in losses, destroying and damaging over 1 million structures along the coast. With the sheer amount of damage possible each year during hurricane season, Charleston coastal insurance is essential for any homeowner in the Holy City.

Hurricane Matthew’s Impact on Charleston, SC

Property in coastal areas such as Charleston, SC can be particularly vulnerable to hurricanes. This is because hurricanes tend to come in from the ocean, and these storms are often still at their strongest when they hit the coast. While this particular storm had downgraded to a Category 1 hurricane by the time it reached Charleston, many homes still saw heavy damage from high winds, falling trees, flooding, downed power lines and more. Had the storm been more powerful by the time it reached Charleston, damage could have been even worse for an even greater number of homes.

Coastal Insurance Vs Homeowners Insurance

Due to the increased risks of hurricane damage for coastal properties, it is important that coastal property owners have adequate coastal insurance. Oftentimes, a typical homeowner’s policy will not have the specific types of coverage that your coastal property needs. At King Street Agency, however, we can provide coverage for everything that your coastal property needs. Whether your coastal property is your primary residence, a vacation home, or an income property, we can help you find the right Charleston coastal insurance coverage at the best possible rate.

It is important to note that whether or not your property is located right on the beach, if it is in a coastal region, it is a good idea to purchase Charleston coastal insurance. Properties in coastal regions can still be hit just as heavily as properties that are right on the water. If your house is a few hundred yards from the water, hurricane storm surges can easily rise up and reach your house. Even if your property is further inland, you may still be impacted by high winds, and heavy rains can cause flash flooding as well. In fact, all of these events impacted many properties in Charleston, SC due to Hurricane Matthew.

Don’t Gamble With Hurricanes: Get a Charleston Coastal Insurance Policy

We sincerely hope that your property did not get damaged by Hurricane Matthew. No one knows when the next major hurricane will strike. It is wise to prepare in advance by getting an excellent Charleston coastal insurance policy. This is a far better alternative to only having a homeowner’s insurance policy that does not cover the types of damage that hurricanes can easily cause. A lack of adequate insurance coverage could mean that you will have to shoulder the full cost of home replacement if your home is destroyed by floods or wind damage from a hurricane.

A hurricane can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage to your coastal property. Instead of taking a gamble, we hope that you choose to look more into Charleston coastal insurance.

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